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My start was Fujigen,Matsumoto,JapanFujigen is what a factory!  They build so many name brands: Fender®, Orevill by Gibson®, Greco®, Ibanez®, G&L®, Rolland®, Yamaha®... and so many more!  Most of the time, I worked there as a repair person and customer service.  Each Guitars and Basses got different problems.   I can talk about same thing from my pickups works too.  I had great time with my co-workers and bosses. 

A few years later, I started to work at Fender Custom Shop. I had a chance to learn about the pickups from the lady and legend of Fender. It happened on my second day. I still remember a method which she showed me. She leanred it from the guy. After that, I had chances to work with Suhr Guitars and James Tyler Guitars.  Their guitars are high quality and got strong character.  They are strict, proffesional, very smart, hard working and always suggest something new to guitars and basses. That is I always think about and want to be.  I supported their first year of GJ2(Guitars Made By Grover Jackson) too.

I started pickups repair and modifications service since 2006.  I have taking care of so many different pickups. From 40's vintage to could be this year made one. I learned a lot from the repairs. Especially about vintage pickups.   I am making a few different vintarge inspired pickups. All of them were inspired from my repair work. Just a bit differences bring the different tone. And the tone got charctore for each eras. I have same kinds of models because of they are so different good ways.   I do modan design and love to try something new.  Making new tone or using different method or using different parts. Of course, the tones need to be great. Most of the time, it will not be happened.  I am keeping to try for something new and great.

Pickup is something I do.  Those works are my best.  I am happiest one in the world when am taking care of pickups. I love my work.

Please mail me free when you have questions, suggestions or anything.  Would love to hear from you.

Kuwabara Pickups

Kuwabara Pickups
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